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How to improve and increase your productivity
with IT cloud solutions

FiveFold Manufacturing

How to improve and increase your productivity with IT cloud solutions

Regardless of your company size and business sector, digitalizing your production means maximum productivity, efficiency, visibility of connected equipment and optimization of process.

FiveFold Manufacturing offers all these advantages in order to respond effectively to changes in the sector.

Manufacturing companies need a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, efficient and reliable enough to reduce factory downtimes, increase productivity through predictive maintenance and prevent threats and cyber attacks.
Thanks to our experience and expertise in the sector, at FiveFold we offer complete and customized solutions to our customers’ needs.

If your company is often subject to interruptions or malfunctions, you just can’t keep the supply chain under control or you can’t optimize resources… Now you now find out in real time how to take action thanks to the information in the White Paper we created.

What do we offer?

Free Consulting

We offer a free consulting service in order to understand our customers’ specific business needs and achieve complete and customized solutions.

Network infrastructure

Implementation of the best innovative technologies on the market to guarantee equipment and performance quality, modularity and scalable of solutions.

FiveFold Monitoring Services - Assistenza telefonica

Support & Monitoring

Network monitoring and support service 24/7 provided by certified personnel with many years of experience in the field.

Adjustable Prices

Adjustable payments with monthly fees without any initial investment. We are Cisco’s premier partners.

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Pre Deployment

Pre-configured Plug & Play infrastructure tested in our laboratories to reduce times and on-site implementation costs.

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IT Security

High levels of network security and complete protection against cyber attacks.

Wireless Design

Planning and custom design to ensure quality and optimization of the IT infrastructure within your production chain. We evaluate and analyze your factory’s spaces and environments in order to modulate the network infrastructure and provide you with extraordinary performances.

Periodic Reports

Periodic reports on the performance of the corporate network infrastructure to constantly monitor all connected equipments and machineries.

FiveFold Monitoring Services - Analisi vulnerabilità

Remote Control & Tracking Machinery

This control/tracking service reduces downtimes, increases productivity and helps you make important business decisions compliant with your specific industrial sector.

Avoid production

Automatic emails now alert you in real time about potential anomalies. You can remotely review problems and reduce resolution time: it is no longer necessary to wait for an engineer to get on site. Auto-VPN and SD-WAN with automatic WAN failover ensure you non-stop 24/7 operation and connectivity everywhere.

the mobile

Allow your employees to communicate anywhere on-site via mobile devices, applying geolocation-based policies (on and off-site). You can also let apps run on devices with no interruptions.

Protect your
digital factory

You can securely connect machines, workflows, databases and people. Safely share intellectual property to help scale up expert resources, abiding all law requirements.

Real time

Improving your operational efficiency through real-time analysis guaranteed by wifi network has never been easier. Now machines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn from the experience and analytics acquired during the course of production activities.

Why should you choose FiveFold?

Why should you choose FiveFold?

In the FiveFold white paper you will find valuable information on the latest market trends and important tips on how to digitize your factory.
Discover in detail the added value that you can achieve through IT / OT convergence.